CHAI Fi is a virtual Jewish space for kids of all ages to experience diverse and engaging programming.

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What is the CHAI Fi schedule?

CHAI Fi begins on Monday, July 6 and runs for four weeks in July. Programming begins each weekday morning at 9am with our Opening Ma'agal (circle). Following Opening Ma'agal, chugim (activities) are offered throughout the day until 4pm. Each chug (activity) lasts for 40 minutes and are offered each day of the week. Each week there are different chugim offered for each age group. On Fridays, we end the week together with a Kabbalat Shabbat circle at 4:00pm. You can view our full schedule and all of our chugim on our registration page.

How much does it cost to register my child for CHAI Fi?

At CHAI Fi you can register your child for as many chugim (activities) as you'd like. Each chug meets for 40 minutes each day for a full week. Each chug is $40, which covers the cost of our mechanchim (leaders). Click on the registration button above to sign up.

My child feels burnt out after taking months of academic classes on Zoom. How will they stay engaged with CHAI Fi activities?

While academic classes can often feel like a chore, the activities at CHAI Fi are geared toward fun and play. Children opt-in to chugim (activities) that suit their interests and give them a sense of ownership over their day. In addition, our CHAI Fi mechanchim (leaders) are motivated, and quite eager, to cultivate the best summer experience for your children.

What if we have summer plans?

The great part about CHAI Fi is that you can choose one week, four weeks or any in between. So enjoy your vacation and then come back to CHAI Fi!

How can I make sure that my child enjoys the CHAI Fi program before paying the fee?

We understand that CHAI Fi is a completely new format for interactive entertainment, and want to provide you with as much assurance as possible. If you'd like to have your child attend a trial class on us we are happy to oblige. Please understand that we have limits on the number of participants in any given chug (activity) so we cannot guarantee space unless you register ahead of time.

Will I have to supervise my child during CHAI Fi chugim?

This depends on your child's familiarity with technology. We know that many children are well-versed in Zoom video, as they've had some experience with online school. CHAI Fi activities are run by high-energy mechanchim (leaders), capped at 40 minutes each, and are intentionally crafted to keep the attention of young campers. We hope that parents use CHAI Fi's hours of programming as much-deserved chances to relax!

How did you choose your staff members?

CHAI Fi is the creation of synagogue educational directors from all over Miami. We reached out to our best teachers and contacts in the camping world and invited them to submit activity proposals. You can learn about all of our staff members here.

What types of chugim (activities) does CHAI Fi offer?

We've got everything from yoga, bootcamp, dance and movement to arts and crafts, music, cooking and songleading. At CHAI Fi you can learn a new language, challenge yourself and find your creativity. Check out all of our chugim (activies) here.

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CHAI Fi is a project of your synagogue and the Miami Jewish community! View our partners below.

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